New digitized maps

As a result of the State Regional Archives Litomerice cooperation with the Research Institute of Geodesy, Topography and Cartography, v.v.i. in Zdiby comes the digitized collection of more than 270 maps and plans, that show the landscape of the Kusne Mountains and its foothills in district Chomutov, plans of the towns Kadan, Chomutov, Ervenice, Prisecnice and Kralup by Chomutov and also a collection of the so called Raab’s maps of the Chomutov mannor or the Jirkov forests that illustrate huge changes the landscape went through in the past.

The maps are now accesible on and will be continualy published also in our e-study room (under files SOA Litomerice, Archival Department and SOkA Chomutov in Kadan).