What information will I need to find my ancestors?

  1. Full name of the person or people for whom you are searching
  2. Place of birth, marriage, or death, depending upon your search
  3. Approximate date of the event

Where can I find information about my ancestors?

You will find basic information in birth, marriage, and death certificates. Other potential sources are military, labor, and educational records, journals, letters, and family chronicles. The state regional archives make vital records and land registries available for research. Be aware that these records may be in German and Latin as well as Czech and that older records are handwritten in the script of the time, very often German Neo-Gothic script.

The state district archives can provide access to census records (where they were kept) as well as other records from municipal, village, and local authority collections (municipal vital records registries, household records, burial records, and so forth).

How does the vital records digitalization progress?

The continual digitalization of the archival fund „North Bohemian Region vital records collection“, which is deposited in the State Regional Archives Litomerice, has been in progress since November 2007 in cooperation with Genealogical Society of Utah. The database accessing the vital records to the public was developed by Bach systems s.r.o. and it was based on our criteria.

Where can I find the Lobkowicz family collections now that the Zitenice archive has closed?

The archival collections owned by Martin Lobkowicz were transferred to his direct control on October 20, 2010. The collections in question document the family Lobkowicz in Roudnice (LR): LR–Family archives, LR–Correspondence of Ferdinand Zdenek Lobkovic, LR–Secretariate Morice and Ferdinand Zdenek Lobkovic, LR–Central office, LR–Accounts (or central accounting office), LR–Accounts audits, LR–Main cashier, LR–Legal representation, LR–Directory, LR–Collection of seals, LR–Collection of maps and blueprints, graphics and photography, LR–Loretan musical archive

Administrators of the Lobkowicz collections can be contacted at the following address:

Lobkowicz Collections, o.p.s.
Zámek Nelahozeves
277 51 Nelahozeves
Czech Republic

Additional contacts: