Pricelist of services

according to the regulativ § 17 of the notice 213/2012, which changes the notice 645/2004 of the legal code, through which some regulation of the archive and document record management system are made as subsequently amended by notice 192/2009 of the legal code.
The amount of the provided services may differ according to the technical equipment and capacity possibilities of the particular departments of the State regional archives Litoměřice.

A. Procurement of extract or transcript of archival documents

Procurement of extract or transcript of archival document CZK 50 per each commenced page

B. Copying of archival documents

1. Elektrografické kopírování (CZK/1 list reprodukce)

A4 A3
1.1 Black and white, single-sided:
1.1.1    loose-leaf 5,- CZK 8,- CZK
1.1.2    bound 7,-CZK 12,- CZK
1.2 Black and white, double-sided:
1.2.1    loose-leaf 8,- CZK 12,- CZK
1.2.2    bound 17,- CZK 22,- CZK
1.3 Colour single-sided:
1.3.1    loose-leaf 25,- CZK 38,- CZK
1.3.2    bound 33,- CZK 46,- CZK
1.4 Colour double-sided:
1.4.1    loose-leaf 40,- CZK 60,- CZK
1.4.2    bound 53,- CZK 80,- CZK

2. Digital reproduction

2.1 Digital reproduction of two-dimensional original
2.1.1 scanning of original up to A3 format inclusive 25,- CZK
2.1.2 photograph of original using a digital camera 25,- CZK
2.1.3 Scanning or archival document on transparent background (e.g., microfilm, board) per field 50,- CZK
2.1.4 Provision of digital reproduction of already digitalised original (1 picture) 25,- CZK
2.2 Recording of data
2.2.1 CD including recording of data 40,- CZK
2.2.2 DVD including recording of data 60,- CZK

All newly obtained digital reproductions are provided in colour of a colour density of 24 bits or higher, in JPG, PDF/A, TIFF, PNG or RAW format, without graphic editing. A basic resolution of 300 dpi is guaranted only using scanner.

C. Confirmation of compliance

Confirmation of compliance of copy of archival document with original stored in the archive and acquired by archive – CZK 30 per each commenced page to be confirmed.

D. Background research, paperwork, service charges

1. Background research (finding the requested information and working out the complex report based on research and excerption of the relevant archival documents, archival aids and other special sources)
Background research / 1 hour work 500,- CZK
2. Paperwork
Packing charge – articles in parcels 30,- CZK
Packing charge – articles in envelopes up to 1 kg 20,- CZK

The postal charge is ordained by the valid tariff of the postal service provider.

E. Exemption from duties

  1. Services free of charge are provided to:
    1. the public authorities and state funds
    2. diplomatical representations of foreign states and the delegated diplomatical representatives, consules and other persons of foreign nationality, whom were given the special concession of diplomatic immunity according to the international law, when the reciprocability is guaranteed and the actions are not made in the personal benefit of these persons
    3. unites of municipal authority and their organs, if they demand the action on the behalf of the civil service, which they are supposed to administer
    4. body corporates, if they demand the action on the behalf of the civil service, which they are supposed to administer
    5. natural or corporate bodies, under the condition given by the international contracts or agreements mandatory for the Czech Republic
    6. the churches for the rescription, abstract or a copy of the civil registries administered by these churches up to the 31st of December 1949
  2. Charge-free are the following actions:
    1. those connected with the realization of a special legal enactment of social security, retirement income insurance, retirement supplement, common health insurance, employment, state social allowance, disability benefits, general health insurance, insurance of social security and of state employment policy contribution, socio-juridical protection of children, social services, disability benefits, help in the finantial shortage, in cases of enlistment and civile servise
    2. made as a result of the transformation or reparation in the name of the municipality, city, region, street, other public area, birth certificate number and actions made as a result of the official power decision
    3. for the purposes of the inheritance procedure made by the notary representing the juridical commisar
    4. for the purposes of the distraint procedure made by the County court bailiffs, with exception to the requests for information for the purposes of the distraint procedure made by the County court bailiffs
    5. for the purposes ot the suffrage usage
    6. related to the providing of the temporary protection to the foreigners
    7. stated by the international contracts and agreements, which are manadatory for the Czech Republic
    8. necessary for realization of the Act No. 255/1946 Coll., about the members of the Czech army in foreign countries and about other participants of the national resistance during the liberation by the definition of law in the Act No. 101/1964 Coll., to the realization of the Act No. 170/2002 Coll., about the war veterans, and to the realization of the Act No. 262/2011 Coll., about the participants of the resistance against communism
  3. According to Article 3 of the Research rules, the researchers are allowed to use their own contactless reproductional equipment for the creation of their study copy of the borrowed material, which is also free of chargé

In Litoměřice 1st of October 2014

PhDr. Marek Poloncarz
Director of the State Regional Archive
in Litoměřice