Welcome to the State Regional Archives Litomerice, Czech Republic

On this website you will find essential information about the archives in northern Bohemia, our activities in relation to individuals, other administrative bodies and institutions, and an overview of our collections, services and reading room policies.

The State Regional Archives (SOA v Litomericich) is an administrative body under the Czech Ministry of the Interior. Its jurisdiction covers the geographic area of the Usti and Liberec Regions in northern Bohemia.



SOA Most – Notice to researchers: 30.9.2016 Reading room closed


SOaK Chomutov – Notice to researchers: Reading room closed

The research room is closed to the public on October 19th. We apologize for any inconvenience it may cause.


SOaK Teplice: Notice to researchers

Notice to researchers: Reading room closed 19.9. – 23.9. 2016


(Čeština) Nefunkční web

Inoperative web  Some users may have trouble with showing only our home page, because after the record of the new certificate to our web the adress starts with “https://…“, not with “http://…“. there are several solutions to this problem.  Delete the cache of your browser.  Use another browser (IE, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox…)  Upload our … Continue reading


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