Archival collections

Archival collections

In our collections you will find records from the following areas:

1) political authorities (administration) before 1945 – district (district offices); police and gendarmerie before 1945

     political authorities after 1990 – district office

2) financial authorities (administration) – district (boards of revenue, tax offices); cadastre (1780’s und 1840’s cadastres)

3) judicial authorities – judicial authorities and courts before 1949 (district courts); judicial authorities and courts after 1949 (district courts, local people´s courts); district prosecution offices (after 1949); law offices; district notary´s offices; bodies of execution of a punishment (district court jail)

4) local authorities before 1945 – municipal offices (archives of towns and villages); district (district boards); national boards in 1918; local groups authorities (guilds)

local authorities after 1990 – municipal offices

5) German Nazi administration and organisations 1938-1945 – German political authorities (Landrats, labour offices); German financial authorities ; German judicial authorities; German political organizations and associations (NSDAP, SA, SS – district and local organisations)

6) national committees 1945-1990 – local national committees; district national committees; internment camps and transfer centres

7) schools – school administration (district and local school councils); Kindergartens, elementary schools (parish schools, common and national schools, burgess-schools, 8-year and 9-year elementary schools), secondary schools, vocational and trade schools, special schools

8) medical and social establishments

9) health, accident and pension insurance companies and funds

10) political and trade union organisations – district committees of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia; district committees of the National Front; district and local organizations of ROH (trade union)

11) organisations and associations before 1948

12) social organisations after 1948 – units of the National Front (Czechoslovakian Red Cross, Czechoslovakian Fire Protection Union, Czech Union of  Physical Education, Czech Hunting Union, Czech Union of Antifascist Fighters, Czech Women Union, Socialist Youth Union, Socialist Academy, Czechoslovakian-Soviet Friendship Union etc.) – district and local organisations

13) cultural institutions – museums and libraries

14) church institutions – parish offices and deaneries

15) personal collections

16) state forests and farms, cooperative organisations – agricultural co-operatives (collective farms), consumer co-operatives state farms



  • a collection of photographs of the extinct villages within the Chomutov district
  • a collection of photographs and negatives
  • a collection of deeds
  • a collection of maps and plans
  • a collection of seal imprints
  • a collection of manuscripts
  • a collection of contemporary documentation
  • a collection of seals and stamps

a list of collections (in Czech)


Annals and chronicles

 You will find many various annals and chronicles in our archive, mostly city and village annals or school annals, but also parish annals, family chronicles, annals of clubs or associations etc.:

city or village annals

school annals

parish annals

other (family chronicles, annals of clubs or associations etc.)



 In our library you will find more than 10.000 titles on history, archival studies, art history, care of historical monuments etc. We collect especially regional publications and books dealing somehow with either the Chomutov region or its people.